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Termites Are Infesting Several Areas Of An Elementary School

Termites Are Infesting Several Areas Of An Elementary School

Although early elementary education is a necessity for all children who plan on growing into competent adults, most kids are thrilled when school is cancelled. You likely remember the enthusiasm that you felt when an otherwise boring day at school became a snow day at the last minute. Although there are always those teacher’s pets who hate snow days, most kids would wish for any catastrophe as long as it meant getting a day off from school. However, some states never see snowfall. School is rarely cancelled due to winter weather conditions in the state of Florida, for example. But for kids who go to school in Florida there are termites. You would be surprised at how often schools are forced to temporarily shut down as a result of termite infestations. One termite infestation within Marsh Pointe Elementary school is one of the most extensive school infestations in recent history.

At least one pest control service in the city of Palm Beach Gardens is seeing a lot of business, as Marsh Pointe Elementary has been tented for termites. According to a spokesperson with the pest control company in charge of eradicating the termite presence, termite infestations have been found in numerous locations within the school. The amount of plastic tarp material that is required to fumigate the school is staggering. Apparently, measuring the amount of tarp needed is proving to be more difficult than professionals had thought. Pest control professionals are even struggling to determine the amount of fumigant necessary for eradicating the termite presence within the large sized elementary school. For most pest control companies, such a monumental task would lie beyond their capabilities.

The school is infested with drywood termites, and their population number within the school is estimated at being a couple hundred thousand. It turns out that in-school termite infestations are more common in Florida than you would likely believe. According to Jim Kunard, Director of Facility Services for Palm Beach County Schools, two other schools in the district are also infested with termites. These schools include Gardens Elementary School and Lighthouse Elementary School. So if you are a kid that hates attending school everyday, then you should consider termites your friends.


Do you think that schools can realistically have regular termite inspections in every indoor area?

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