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Stuccos And Veneers Provide Termites With An Ideal Hideaway

These days home ownership is not the important life-goal that it once was. Young people today seem to be more content with the idea of renting as opposed to buying new homes. Despite this current trend, experts believe that more and more young people will be buying-up new homes as the economy continues to improve. Young people of today are relatively inexperienced when it comes to the responsibilities that go along with home ownership, therefore an education in termite damage-prevention is necessary. Obviously, termites damage the timber used to make modern homes. Young people are certainly aware of this fact, but they may not be aware that other home construction materials are also vulnerable to termite damage. This blog has discussed instances in which termites have damaged common non-timber home building materials such as drywall and insulation. However, even many older homeowners may not be aware of how termites can damage stucco and veneer coatings that are applied to a home’s exterior.

Stuccos and veneers are applied to exterior and interior areas of a home, and they protect wood and other materials from degradation. Veneers appear as a thin translucent material that coats wood surface. As it turns out, termites often infest wood and other materials that are coated with veneer and stucco. Once termites penetrate and carve out tunnels and compartments within veneer-treated wood, the thin coating protects termites from predators. Termite predators are not able to penetrate the thin veneer coating like termites can. Termites hiding within stucco or veneer-coated wood are not as easily detected as termites that infest non-treated wood. This is especially true when stucco and veneer-coated surfaces of a home dip below the soil’s surface. Subterranean termites can easily access these surfaces below the ground, and they can live their indefinitely provided that the soil is sufficiently moist. These areas provide termites with enough soil, water and timber to survive for years undetected. Termites that inhabit stucco and veneer-coated wood often damage homes well beyond repair.

Were you aware that termites are capable of penetrating stucco and veneer surfaces? Do you think that these treated surfaces attract termites for reasons that are still unknown to experts? Contact us today for a free termite inspection!

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