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Termites Are Literally Eating Away At Democratic Institutions In Some Countries


Termites Are Literally Eating Away At Democratic Institutions In Some Countries

Democratic institutions are a part of every democratic nation. For example, Parliament is an important democratic institution because it allows people to express their political beliefs and preferences through their elected lawmakers. The official “head of state” is another democratic institution. For example, the American Presidency is an institution that is now being fulfilled by Donald Trump. Surprisingly, this particular blog article is not a lesson in the basics of government; instead this article is about the termites that are destroying democratic institutions in Kenya and Zambia. Only in this case the word “institute” is not referring to anything intangible, like the institute of law; instead the term is being used to refer to a physical establishment, like a building.

Many democratic leaders around the world have used rhetoric involving termites when describing the actions committed by their corrupt opponents. These supposedly corrupt politicians have been described as “eating away” at the foundation of democratic institutions with their despotic actions. This comparison has been used by political leaders in South Africa, America and India. However, it looks as though two African countries are having more literal problems when it comes to termites destroying democratic institutions. In the country of Zambia, the home belonging to the country’s head of state is on the verge of collapsing over its inhabitants. The poor state of the Zambian version of the White House was caused by a long time termite infestation. In addition to that, Kenya’s Parliament has raised concerns over the termite-infested floor located in Parliament’s press room. Not long ago, a member of Parliament (MP) nearly fell through the floor while issuing statements to the press.

A report recently released by the Parliamentary Committee on Communication, Transport, Works and Supply in Zambia has called for a vast increase in funds in order to renovate the head of state’s residence. According to officials, the foundation is excessively weak and portions of the building’s roof have been eaten away by termites. The structure’s timber frame is also falling apart due to repeated termite attacks. The head of state’s home cannot safely accommodate state functions and it has been deemed dangerous to live in. Member’s of Zambia’s Parliament are unsure if the required renovations can be afforded. In Kenya a faction of MPs have demanded that Parliament’s press room floor be repaired. The floor is reportedly made from thin boards that have sustained a tremendous amount of termite damage. After an MP nearly fell entirely through an open hole in the floor, several MPs gathered together in order to protest the termite-infested conditions.

Have you ever heard about termites infesting the White House or any other historical and/or significant building in America?

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