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A Termite Photographer Is Caught Taking Staged Photographs

A Termite Photographer Is Caught Taking Staged Photographs

The world is full of cheaters. Some of our greatest heros fro the past have turned out to be cheaters, such as Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, and Bill Clinton. It is hard for many people to avoid bending the rules, especially during times of intense competition. When a cheating scandal becomes public, sports are often involved. However, cheaters are well represented within every field, including photography. A photographer named Marcio Cabral was taking part in an international competition for the best photograph. Eventually, Cabral won the British Natural History Museum’s 2017 photography award in the category of “Animals in their Environment”. Cabral’s photo shows an anteater breaking apart a large termite mound in Brazil. The only problem is that the anteater is stuffed.

When Cabral handed in his art project to museum officials, they had his photo displayed near a caption that described the difficulties that Cabral went through in order to capture the photo. Cabral claimed to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year judges that he had been back and forth to and from Brazil several times in order to catch the perfect photograph of a bioluminescent termite mound. A caption by the photo even stated that “Out of the darkness ambled a giant anteater, oblivious of Marcio in his hide, and began to attack the tall, concrete-mud mound with its powerful claws, after the termites living deep inside.”

Cabral named his photo “The Night Raider”. Of course, Cabral was lying about the anteater, as he actually placed it carefully within the camera’s frame. Experts suspected Cabral because the anteater he has in his photo does not come out at night, unless it is stuffed and placed there, of course. In addition to that, a group of experts tracked down an alternate and undoctored photo of the same anteater that Cabral dishonestly placed in his photo. After an investigation by museum officials, Cabral was disqualified from the contest.

Have you ever heard of the bioluminescent termite mounds in South America?



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