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The Unique Ants That Can Be Used As An Alternative To Viagra

Everyone knows that plants offer humanity both holistic and pharmacological treatments for a variety of medical conditions. Of course, plants and insects are uniquely related as the two have coevolved to become what they are today. Both plants and insects are among the oldest organisms that still exist today. The ecosystem that allows for the development of human life would not exist as it does today if it were not for the symbiotic relationship between plants and insects. For example, this symbiotic relationship is well expressed by the process of pollination, and the process of pollination likely evolved from the act of insects feeding on plants. Considering the mutually dependent relationship between plants and insects, you would think that insects would be just as valuable as plants when it comes to developing effective medical treatments. Surprisingly, insects have only recently been taken seriously for their potential in the field of pharmacology. For centuries insects have been used by practitioners of holistic medicine in order to treat various maladies. Some of these “natural” concoctions have been demonstrated by western medical researchers as effective treatments.httpdevelopment.innovativepestsolutions.compest-controlants

Holistic medicine makes use of acupuncture, herbal remedies and basic lifestyle changes in order to eradicate illness. Remedies to treat sexual dysfunction are, not surprisingly, well addressed by practitioners of holistic medicine. Many of these natural remedies only have beneficial potential as placebos. However, the traditionally homeopathic use of black mountain ants for erectile dysfunction treatment has recently been shown by western medical researchers to be as effective as Viagra. As it turns out, consuming black mountain ants dilates blood vessels, which increases blood circulation into the limbs and genitalia. Viagra also works by increasing blood flow into erectile tissue by prompting blood vessel dilation. In addition to improving blood circulation to the extremities, black mountain ants even increase androgen levels in the blood. Androgen is a sexual hormone responsible for regulating sexual desire. In addition to being a potential alternative to Viagra, these ants are also being studied for their usefulness in combating cancer.

Do you believe that insects are understudied in the field of medical science, specifically pharmacology?

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