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Spider Bite Leaves Exterminator In Need Of Multiple Organ Transplants

Not too long ago an exterminator was inspecting the crawlspace of his own house when he was bit by the dreaded black widow spider. Before the exterminator, Richard Jenkins, was bit by the spider he was an active and healthy guy who had just welcomed his first daughter into the world. Sadly, the consequences of his spider bite turned out to be more frightful than you can likely imagine. Jenkin’s life turned upside down. His medical bills are projected to reach nearly half a million dollars and he needs three separate organs to be replaced as a result of the spider bite that he had sustained.

After seeking immediate medical attention for the bite wound, the doctors that examined Jenkins misdiagnosed him, which gave the spider venom plenty of time to damage Jenkin’s body. Jenkins needs both lungs and his heart to be replaced with healthy ones from donors, and he currently has to get by with a pacemaker. So the next time you are bit by a spider, make sure that your doctor does not dismiss your wound as an ingrown hair.

Have you ever sought medical treatment after sustaining a spider bite?