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Some Types Of Spiders Can Send Anyone To The Hospital | Tucson Pest Control

Some Types Of Spiders Can Send Anyone To The Hospital | Tucson Pest Control

Whether it was our parents, teachers, or the local entomology department, we have all heard before that spiders are almost never dangerous. This may be true, but spiders can be dangerous, right? With all of the talk about spiders being harmless, we can think of at least one story involving a person who probably does not find spiders so harmless. The latest quasi-celebrity to have sustained a dangerous spider bite is Meghan Linsey, the one time contestant from the television program known as The Voice.

For more than two years home television viewers have tuned into see Meghan Linsey compete with other talented singers every week. However, one day, while still participating on the show, Linsey woke up in the morning with a serious spider bite. Linsey did not immediately realize that she had sustained a spider-bite while sleeping. Instead Linsey first noticed the worst stinging sensation of her life. The stinging was coming from her face. Linsey quickly noticed that a dead spider was clenched within her right fist. She knew that she had sustained a really bad spider bite. Soon Linsey was in the throes of pain. She was experiencing muscle spasms, rash, nausea, sweating and extreme swelling. For a while doctors were not sure if she could ever recover fully.

Luckily Linsey is still alive, and is recovering well. Doctors quickly determined that a brown recluse spider was the culprit. Linsey was only able to recover with the aid of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Today Linsey is out of the chamber, but she remains in the hospital after a couple of months of continuous treatment. Linsey has sustained a gaping wound on her face that will heal in time. Brown recluse spiders are found in many parts of the United States, but many of them are concentrated in the Midwest regions of the US.

Do you think that a bacterium is a more alarming factor than venom when it comes to assessing the seriousness of spider-bites?