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It Seems That 2019 Will See An Unusually High Amount Of Scorpion Infestations In Arizona Homes

Pest controllers in Arizona can already tell that this year will see many scorpion infestations within homes in the state. Scorpions sightings have increased dramatically in just the past few weeks, and some pest control companies are already receiving an excess of 40 calls per day about scorpion infestations. According to experts, Arizona homeowners can help to prevent scorpion infestations from emerging within their homes by sealing any voids or cracks in a home that allow the arachnids to gain entrance. Scorpion infestations also tend to become particularly extensive within homes that are littered with clutter, as this clutter allows scorpions to find several hiding places where they can build up their numbers without being noticed by a home’s occupants. Upon entering a home, scorpions prefer to find shelter beneath damp towels and in other moist and dark conditions.

A small venomous scorpion ,Centruroides vittatus, isolated on a white background.
A small venomous scorpion ,Centruroides vittatus

Rural Metro Battalion Fire Chief John Walka attends to scorpion infested houses every summer, but he is already seeing an unusual amount of scorpions in resident’s homes this year. According to Walka, children below the age of ten and adults above the age of 60 are most vulnerable to the toxic effects of scorpion venom. In fact, Walka claims that bark scorpion venom, the most commonly encountered species in Arizona, could cause individuals in this at-risk group to die as a result of sustaining a scorpion sting. If you or a loved one should happen to sustain a scorpion sting, Walka claims that it is important to stay calm and wait for the first responders to arrive. The most alarming symptoms a scorpion sting victim can experience includes eye twitching, labored breathing, nausea, vomiting and muscle twitching. Anyone who experiences these symptoms following a scorpion sting should seek medical attention immediately. It should also be kept in mind that scorpions can remain in one place without moving for months, so it is important for homeowners to watch where they put their hands and feet.

Has a scorpion ever raised its stinger-equipped tail in your direction after perceiving you as a threat?