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Bees take over vacant building | Tucson Bee Removal

SOUTH TUCSON - Somebody called 911 after a bee colony in a vacant building got out of control. Javier Fimbres lives next door. "They've been chasing us," he said. "It's scary. They poked me in the head a couple times." Officials found the landlord who is paying Arizona Pest Control to remove the hive. Josh…
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How to get rid of bees/Bee Safety What should you do and not do?

Image Credit: Taylor Noel Photography Do’s and Don’ts: DO check your property regularly for bee colonies. Honey bees nest in a wide variety of places, especially Africanized honey bees. Check animal burrows, water meter boxes, overturned flower pots, trees and shrubs. DO keep pets and children indoors when using weed eaters, hedge clippers, tractor power…
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