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Insect Overwintering Strategies

It’s Only Natural: Insect Overwintering Strategies A click beetle overwinters as a larva under the bark of a rotting log. (Photos by Mary Holland) When you think of something as small as a one-tenth inch bark beetle surviving a winter with temperatures that dip well below zero for days on end, it seems miraculous. How…
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Termite Control | Tucson

Overview of what to expect from the Authorized Operator: termite inspection process, installation process, and monitoring and baiting processes. For more information, visit
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Steps homeowners can take to reduce the likelihood of occasional pest invaders

Steps homeowners can take to reduce the likelihood of occasional pest invaders: Keep all kitchen areas clean (including floors) and free of useless clutter. Kitchen appliances should be kept free of spills and crumbs. Clean shelves regularly and store foods such as cereal, flour, and dog food in resealable containers. Periodically sweep and vacuum floor…
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Holiday Pest Prevention Tips from AZ Pest Control

Arizona Pest Control recommends the following tips to specifically prevent a pest infestation when decorating for the Holidays: Inspect live, fresh cut evergreen trees, wreathes and garlands for spiders, insect nests or eggs before purchasing. Shake greenery outdoors to remove any pests before bringing them inside. Unpack decorations outdoors so pests aren’t released into the…
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