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Nifty New Treatment for Bug Bites and Stings

Not sure how to treat insect bites or stings? Should you use a pain killer like Tylenol? What can you put on it if it is itching like crazy? Well one company just came out with the answer to all your questions. Tec Labs has recently released a new, easy to use treatment for insect bites and stings that you’ll want to take a look at immediately. Tecnu Bites & Stings Medicated Itch and Pain Relief Wipes from Tec Labs is an easy to use wipe that contains medicine to treat all of your symptoms. The wipes are also textured on one side in case you want to scrub out a bee sting and smooth on the other for a softer touch. Each package contains 20 single use packets, and each towelette is infused with Calendula officinalis 3X, which aids in wound healing and scar prevention, Plantago major 4X, which eliminates itching and helps with pain relief and wound healing, Grindelia robusta 3X, another anti-itch ingredient and skin protector. This pack of twelettes is your one stop shop for insect bite and stings relief. Seriously, as a person who prefers any treatment to be as simple and easy as possible (because I’m just a tad lazy), this new product looks like a godsend.

Would you love to have all your medicinal needs for insect bites and stings in one little towelette? How much easier would these make your life?