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A New Theme Park Ride May Be Too Frightening For Arachnophobes | Spider Control Tucson

A New Theme Park Ride May Be Too Frightening For Arachnophobes | Spider Control Tucson

Even the craziest adrenaline junkies and theme-park goers may think twice about trying out a new ride that will open at Six Flags Amusement Park.  There are plenty of people in the world that love to bungee jump and sky-dive, but when those same people see a giant spider, many of them would at least be startled for a moment. The new ride is truly original in that you are shot up into the sky while battling virtual-reality spiders. So it is kind of like skydiving on a planet inhabited by enormous and aggressive spiders.

If it is difficult for you to picture the ride described in the above paragraph then that is understandable because the ride even looks quite strange. The non-virtual-reality part of the ride where you are physically shot into the air is identical to a very popular ride that can be found at just about every theme park that exists these days. Sometimes the ride is referred to as the “space shot”. So in this respect, the theme-park ride is nothing new. However, while park goers are strapped into their seats, they have a virtual-reality helmet attached to their heads, which allows them to battle giant spiders. Tapping the side of your helmet will fire your gun at the spiders. This may be the only theme park ride that I am not cut out for.

Unfortunately, for pre-teens who love heights and spiders, only people aged thirteen and up can wear the virtual reality headsets, unless they want to take the ride without the headset, like the old-fashioned and boring way. Also, wearing the headset is optional, so if you have no fear of heights, or enjoy being afraid of heights, but hate spiders, then you can still take a ride. The name of the ride is called “Drop of Doom,” and it opens this coming Saturday.

Have you ever seen spiders or other insects through virtual reality, or even Imax?