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Should You Be Worried About Daddy Long Legs Spiders?

Daddy long legs spiders are certainly creepy, but did you know that there is a myth going around stating that daddy long legs spiders are extremely poisonous, but they do not have fangs long enough to pierce the skin? While this is certainly not true, it can lead to questions about the dangers of this spider species. In this article, we’re going to take a look at daddy long legs spiders and find out if they are dangerous in any way.

The two daddy long legs species

According to entomologists from the University of California, “daddy-longlegs” can be used to describe two different species. One is the opiliones arachnid with eight long legs and a pill-shaped body, but which is not a spider, and the other is the pholcidae that also have long legs and small bodies, but which are actually the spiders that we know as daddy long legs spiders.

The opiliones, so the arachnids, not the spiders, are found in dark, moist places. They eat mainly decomposing vegetables as well as animal matter. The UC entomologists state that they do not possess venom glands, fangs, or any other mechanism to chemically subdue their food.

The pholcidae, or the daddy longlegs spiders, which we are familiar with, are venomous predators on the other hand. Although they don’t bite humans, their fangs look similar to the ones found on brown recluse spiders and they can penetrate the skin. But is their venom dangerous? Surprisingly, entomologists never bothered to find out, because no bite by a daddy long legs spider has ever been reported.

The daddy long legs spider bite

The one experiment where the daddy long legs spider actually bit a person was conducted on the TV show “Mythbusters” on the Discovery Channel in 2004. The spider was able to pierce the skin, but the person that was bitten reported a mild burning sensation at the bite location that lasted only a few seconds.

So basically, the daddy long legs spider is harmless, but that does not mean that we want these creepy crawlers around the home. If a couple of daddy long legs spiders are able to set up inside the home and build a nest, then you can expect their population to explode, and you will eventually find webs all over the place. To avoid this, it’s best to act fast, and call over a pest control pro to stop an infestation in its tracks. Contact us today if you are having problems with daddy long legs spiders in your home.



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