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Citizens Demand More Insect Repellent Clothing

The citizens of Florida dealing with the first cases of the Zika virus that have been transmitted locally in the U.S. are chomping at the bit for better protection against mosquitos, more insect repelling clothing in particular. The demand for clothing with Insect Shield has skyrocketed in the last few months, with sales having increased by 145% for the Gamehide company in the last six months. The people are about to get exactly what they want, as Expert Brand and Nobitech are teaming up to design a line of activewear made with insect repellent clothing to offer people in the country that desire protection against mosquitos as well as fashion forward apparel. The clothing line will be made from Nobitech’s Skintex technology, a way to embed clothing with the insect repellent Permethrin. The collection will include everything from hoodies and pullovers to pants and t-shirts treated with Permethrin. A few other clothing companies jumping on the bandwagon are Gamehide and OMNi Apparel Inc. You can now protect yourself from those nasty mosquitos all while sporting clothes that won’t make you want to hide under your bed.

How popular do you think this insect repellent clothing that is also fashionable is going to be in the coming months?