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How To Remove Scorpions From Indoor Surfaces And Human Skin Without Getting Stung

Scorpions inhabiting Arizona remain dormant throughout the winter before emerging in March, but in recent years, the venomous arachnids have been emerging as early as February in the southern half of the state. For example, during February of 2017, numerous southern Arizona residents were finding scorpions within their bedding, in showers, all over their yards,…
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The Largest Scorpion Species In Arizona | Scorpion Control

So far more than 1400 scorpion species have been documented worldwide, and 30 of these species inhabit Arizona. Scorpions are well adapted to surviving harsh arid desert conditions, as they possess an extra layer of fat that allows them to retain water for greater periods, and they remain within shaded regions or underneath rocks during…
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Turns Out Scorpions Can Kill You After All! | Tucson Scorpion Exterminator

Turns Out Scorpions Can Kill You After All! Did you know Scorpions were around when dinosaurs were ruling the globe?  And they obviously outlasted them.  From a certain perspective, this makes them tougher than us being as they can survive in a variety of different climates.  In fact, scorpions live on every continent except Antarctica. …
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