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Termite Species in Australia Eat More Grass Per Year Than Cows

Some people may be willing to believe the claim that not all termites are pests to man made structures, but certainly termites must all eat wood, right? Most termite species consider wood to be an ideal food source, as it contains the cellulose that termites need to survive. Most termites eat both wood and dead…
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Remember When Termites Attacked The Alamo?

The United States, much like any other country, has its share of historically significant structures and monuments. For example, the Hoover Dam, the Library of Congress, the Alcatraz prison, and the Alamo are all highly valued for being long-standing and uniquely American structures. Naturally, great care is taken in order to ensure that such structures…
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You Should Feel Lucky That You Don’t Eat Like Termites

You Should Feel Lucky That You Don’t Eat Like Termites We all know that termites eat and digest wood and other forms of dead plant life that contain cellulose. For the vast majority of animals, humans included, cellulose cannot be broken down during digestion; instead, the cellulose will go right through us. This is why…
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