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My Oh My! Why Do Spiders Have Eight Eyes?

One of the things that makes spiders so creepy is their many eyes. It is a little unsettling to turn towards dark corner and suddenly realize that you’ve got 8 beady eyes staring right back at you. Why do spiders need eight eyes, though? Why don’t they have two like humans? What do they need…
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The Large-Sized Thin-Legged Wolf Spider Is Sometimes Spotted Within Arizona Homes

Around 200 wolf spider species reside in the United States, and while most wolf spider species are relatively large in size, their bites are not considered medically significant to humans. Although these spiders are generally harmless, they often wander into homes due to their near constant crawling and their long-range hunting activities. The Carolina wolf…
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The Spiders That Spit Venom!

Every person has their ups and downs in life. Generally, a person’s own personal fortunes and misfortunes come as a result of his/her association with other people. This is why exercising effective anger control strategies and cultivating socially desirable habits is essential for a person’s happiness in life. Of course, rather than cultivating empathy and…
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Spider Control Services

A Canadian meteorologist was joined by a surprise guest during a recent forecast, and the results have gone viral. Meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Global BC was more than surprised to find that a spider had crawled onto the channel's weather camera. The giant-seeming spider found a home on screen near Gordon's head. Check out the…
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