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Why Are Honeybees So Beneficial To Humans?

Bees are amazing creatures, as much of our food would no longer exist without their pollinating ways. Of course, bees are good for a lot of things, and not just pollination. However, the services that bees provide to the agricultural community cannot be overstated. Not long ago, biologists from the University of San Diego confirmed…
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Killer Bee Populations Are Increasing In The Southwest

Killer Bee Populations Are Increasing In The Southwest Africanized honey bees, or killer bees as they are sometimes called, are quite numerous in the southwest United States. As their name suggests, Africanized honey bees are not native to North America. Despite originating from another region, Africanized honey bees are highly skilled at adapting to new…
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Study Finds Male Bees Are Just As Intelligent As Female Bees

It has long been assumed, even among the experts, that male bumblebees are less intelligent than their female counterparts. The males are known simply as “male bumblebees” while the female bumblebees are known as the “worker bees,” and these roles are tightly regulated within a bee colony. Since the worker bees have more responsibilities to…
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