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The Black Western Carpenter Ant

The Black Western Carpenter Ant Is The Most Commonly Controlled Species Of Its Kind In The West, And This Species Is Well Known For Nesting In Woodwork, But Not Always Hundreds of ant species belong to the Camponotus genus, and they are commonly referred to as “carpenter ants” due to their habit of nesting within…
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Longhorn Crazy Ants Are One Of The Most Common Indoor Ant Pests In Arizona

Paratrechina longicornis, or the Longhorn Crazy Ant, as the species is more commonly known, is one of the most commonly encountered ant pests within Arizona homes. This ant species is native to Africa, but they have established an invasive habitat in the southern and eastern US states where they frequently invade homes in massive numbers…
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How To Recognize Common Acrobat Ant Pests, And How To Keep Them Out Of Homes

Acrobat ants belong to the Crematogaster genus and they are common house pests that are known to establish indoor nests, cause power outages and electrical damage by chewing on wires, nest within woodwork, destroy insulation and invade and damage electronic devices and appliances. These ants are also unusually aggressive toward humans, and while their sting…
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