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Ant Infestation | Tucson Ant Exterminator

When Ants Establish An Infestation Within A Home, Locating Their Nesting Site Is More Important Than Identifying Their Food Source The majority of insects, even most desert-dwelling species, thrive in warm and moist conditions. This is why humid tropical regions see the greatest abundance and diversity of insect species when compared to the insect fauna…
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 Tucson Woman Nearly Died In Response To Countless Native Fire Ant Stings, Which Raised Questions About The Public Health Importance Of Native Fire Ants In The State

When it comes to venomous ant species, the red-imported fire ant is probably the first, and only species that comes to most people’s mind. The red-imported fire ant is an invasive species in the southeastern states and southern California, and luckily, the red-imported fire ant was eradicated from Arizona shortly after colonies appeared in the…
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Everything You Need To Know About The Fire Ant Species In Arizona

Common household ant pests in Arizona include carpenter ants, pyramid ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants, and fire ants. Most people, including many Arizonans, have heard of fire ants but were not aware that they could be found in Arizona. Of course, when people hear, “fire ant,” they naturally think of the fearsome red-imported fire…
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