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Guess What? Rats Love Pumpkin, Too!

It wouldn’t be fall without a trip or two to the local pumpkin patch to pick and carve one of your very own in advance of your favorite fall holiday.  But guess who else loves pumpkins? Rats and other pests! With an estimated 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins grown in the US every year, rats…
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Arizona Brown Recluse Spider Prevention

Arizona Brown Recluse Spider Prevention To avoid brown recluse spiders, avoid keeping clothing on the floor. Store clothing and shoes inside plastic containers, and shake out all clothing that has been in a hamper before wearing or washing. To get rid of brown recluse spiders, contact a brown recluse spider control professional. Brown recluse spiders…
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Controlling Scorpions in the Winter | Arizona Pest Control

Mild weather year-round is the reason why most people live in or visit Tucson. Miles of walking trails, gorgeous sunsets, awesome mountain views and… scorpions.  No, that’s not a selling point of our fair city, but it is a reality most of us have learned to live with. Our temperate climate is a positive feature…
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