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All Bees In Arizona Are Considered “Killer Bees” And Several Of Their Hives Are Being Removed From The U Of A Campus And Residential Homes

Africanized honey bees, better known as “killer bees,” are spotted frequently within rural, residential and urban areas of Arizona. In fact, experts claim that all honey bee species in the state of Arizona are “Africanized.” This is because both the Africanized and common European honey bee species have been interbreeding within the southwest for decades.…
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How Often Are Western Black Widows Spotted Indoors In Arizona?

There are several reasons as to why arachnophobia is so widespread. For one thing, people possess a natural instinct to fear wildlife that may cause them harm. In other cases, a childhood trauma involving a painful spider bite may be enough to spark a long-lasting fear of spiders. In some cultures, myths about spiders and…
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