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Centipedes Are Intimidating Even To Rattlesnakes

Predatory animals are abundant in nature, even your own city probably contains several native populations of predatory animals. Ever since we were in gradeschool, conjuring up a list of animal predators has never been a challenge. Lions, tigers and bears are commonly referred to as being apex predators, and of course, nobody can forget about…
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Tucson Ant Control Tips

Tucson Ant Control Tips Wipe up crumbs and spills immediately Store garbage in sealed containers and remove from the home frequently Keep food packages closed or sealed and store products in air-tight containers Avoid leaving food out on the counter or pet food out on the floor for long periods of time Repair holes or…
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It’s A Good Thing That Flesh-Eating Beetles Only Devour Corpses

In this world, there is no shortage of dirty jobs that the majority of people would just assume avoid doing. For example, very few people find their calling in sewer maintenance or taxidermy. However, no job can be more disgusting, horrifying and macabre than stripping animals of their flesh in order to provide researchers with…
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