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Keep Pack Rats OUT! Pack Rat Control Tips

Pack rats are a relatively minor structure infesting pest; however, they can carry disease and parasites and they can also do damage to wiring and landscaping.   The key to pest management is to deny them shelter and nesting sites. Follow these steps: Avoid storage boxes and other items that may give shelter to pack rats…
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How Hospitals And Public Health Organizations Work To Prevent People From Sustaining Arizona Bark Scorpion Stings In Residential Areas In The Sonoran Desert

Dozens of scorpion species have been documented in the United States, most of which inhibit the southwestern desert regions. While scorpions are well known for inflicting stings that can be potentially harmful and even deadly, only one scorpion species in the US is known for inflicting medically harmful stings that have resulted in human fatalities.…
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A Vector Control Specialist Believes Medical And Public Health Professionals May Be Neglecting The West Nile Threat In Their Effort To Spread COVID 19 Awareness

Mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus recently established a permanent habitat in southern Arizona, and as a consequence, last year Arizona saw the greatest number of West Nile infection cases compared to all other US states. Due to the disease threat mosquitoes pose in Arizona, it is tremendously important for medical professionals and public health…
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