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The Rate Of Scorpion Sting Incidents In Arizona Is Unusually High This Year, And Experts Believe The Reason May Be Due The Current Stay-At-Home Order

Just like spiders, ticks and mites, scorpions are arachnids, and according to new fossil evidence, they are among the most ancient of terrestrial arthropods, as they abandoned their original ocean habitat for land nearly half a billion years ago. More than 2,000 scorpion species have been documented worldwide, at least 100 of which inhabit the…
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How Arizona’s Cockroach Pest Species Differ In Terms Of Appearance And Habits

Several cockroach species are common indoor pests in Arizona, including American, German, Oriental, Surinam, Turkestan, brown-banded and field cockroaches. Of these species, the American cockroach is most distinctive in appearance due to its large size, which ranges from 1 ¼ to 2 inches in length, making it twice the size of most other cockroach pest…
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