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Bee Control

Arizona Pest Control Co. employees are trained specialists when it comes to bee hive removal, and bee control. Bees should not be taken lightly as they pose a serious threat that need to be adequately addressed. Our training and on the job expertise provide an ideal solution to all your bee elimination needs. Call us to learn more about our bee removal procedures and to get advice from the bee experts.

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When disturbed, africanized bees attack in larger numbers and pursue over a greater distance for a longer period of time. They are much more aggressive. This defensive behavior, along with reports from South America of deaths due to bee stings have earned them the name of "killer bees." That's why it is essential that all cases of multiple bee stings be reported to your county agricultural commissioner, so the bee colony can be checked to see if it is Africanized.

For bee removal in Tucson, Green Valley, and ALL surrounding areas, Contact our office at (520) 762-6427

Our environmentally friendly bee traps attract bees that gather on your property to then be safely removed from your home grounds. Inside these traps contain a pheromone that will attract gathering bees on your property to them. Once inside they cannot escape. They contain no pesticide whatsoever, and will not have any affects on birds or other animals in their natural environment.

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